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Please note: All first time clients MUST have a 48 hour patch test


Firstly The Brow Fairy will analyse every element of your face and brows to optimise their appearance, determining where they should start, arch, end, and how thick or thin they should be for your facial structure. Every hair follicle is crucial to the finished product so I am not a fan of quick tidy ups!

This service includes eyebrow tinting which is done using a semi permanent dye specifically formulated for the eye area to add depth, richness and cover light or greying eyebrows. This is especially wonderful for brows that are barely visible due to being light in colour.

Lasty, once your eyebrows have been properly shaped and custom tinted, a touch of powder and highlighter is applied to define their shape and polish them to perfection.

Treatment time: 40mins

Please note: All first time clients MUST have a 48 hour patch test.


Did you know that your eyebrows can change the way your entire face looks?

Eyebrow maintenance can be annoying to keep up with, but it’s also worth it. When your brows look fantastic, you can be minimal with the rest of your makeup, because they make a strong statement. Whether your brows are thin or thick, a great shaped eyebrow conquers all. One or two hairs in the right place can make or break a brow. Here are some eyebrow hacks, tips and tricks.

• Always get your eyebrows professionally done, even if it is a couple of times a year. This will give you an idea of what they should look like for you and your face, and with regular maintenance they will remain perfectly shaped.

• No two eyebrows are ever identical, as the saying goes “They are sister’s,not twins!” so don’t even attempt to get them the same as you will end up plucking them to nothing. And that goes for filling in your brows too. Over use of product trying to make them identical can kill a brow. Remember less is more. Once your brows are professionally done you should only need to 'dress' them with minimal product.

• Throw away the tweezers. Wait…(and then wait some more.) It could take anywhere between 6 to 12 months to get your brows to grow back to their former sexy archiness. Start with some castor oil. It's a highly penetrating serum and works wonders to encourage some extra growth right where you need it. Natural product and inexpensive so why not give it a go.

• Good quality tools are essential to achieve a professional groomed finish. Using an eyebrow powder, you can fill in the spaces and create the appearance of fuller, lusher brows. We can recommend some products that would suit you. If your face shape requires thicker brows yet over tweezing has left them nonexistent follow the tips above and remember patience is key.